A commitment to innovation and sustainability

4Cnode Geophysical was incorporated in Norway in July, 2015, to address the ever increasing need among oil companies to get more out of their reservoirs, in shorter time and at lower cost. We are developing a four-component seismic planted-node-solution for the offshore environment, which will record both compressional and shear wave data of superior quality.  Our nodes will be totally autonomous, precisely planted, oriented and positioned to provide a low cost alternative to expensive permanent cable systems for 4D reservoir monitoring.  Our solution will give quicker data acquisition than existing cable, node-on-a-rope, and autonomous node systems, and make us able to work in highly obstructed areas and ultra deep waters.  

We will likewise offer processing and interpretation of both compressional and shear wave data to fully exploit the potential of the total seismic wave field.


Eivind Berg

+47 905 87 843